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How to plan your way to success with Laurie Wright

June 21, 2023 Monica Little Episode 57
The Product Biz Podcast
How to plan your way to success with Laurie Wright
Show Notes

"Planning" is one of those words where you either cringe at the sight of it because you're known for just winging it... or you get super excited to talk about ALL of the things you have planned.

But the true magic of planning is actually an in-between. The place where you know your dreams and goals and what you are working towards... and how to create a plan, with wiggle room, to actually achieve them because the plan gives you the vision and the guidance on what steps to take.

If you're NOT a planner and love being spontaneous all day everyday - or if you plan maybe a little TOO much without any room for spontaneity at all - this episode with special guest Laurie Wright will share with you how to use planning in a way that aligns with you, so you can make progress towards your goals, reflect on the steps you've taken, and stay motivated towards the big dreams you have.

Laurie Wright, aka "Not Your Average Grandma," identifies herself as a late-in-life purpose-finder who had a 30+ year career in corporate America before finding her true passion as a certified Master Neurocoach. With her signature program, The Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™, Laurie helps women to ignite a later-in-life spark by connecting with their authentic self and uncovering what they truly want out of life so they won’t ever find themselves asking “What if?” She also has a podcast called “Living Your Sparked Second Half” where she covers topics intended to inspire listeners to live a happier and more fulfilling second half.


  • How to break down your big dream into 90 day goals and how to prioritize the RIGHT daily tasks to work on to actually make the progress you've always wanted
  • How you can plan in a way that leaves room for spontaneity
  • Why people procrastinate even when they plan - and how to make sure you don't fall into this trap of potential self-sabotage
  • What questions to ask yourself at the end of each day to know where you can do better, where you kicked butt, and what you learned, so you're always reflecting on becoming the best version of you


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