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Mastering your money mindset to make more sales with Alejandra Rojas

August 02, 2023
The Product Biz Podcast
Mastering your money mindset to make more sales with Alejandra Rojas
Show Notes

Money, money, money... money!! We all want to make more of it, but what's actually holding us back? What's stopping us from growing even further? What's preventing us from seeing the results from ALL the hard work we are doing? You may not know it - and you may not even believe it when you first hear it - but your mindset, your beliefs, and your subconscious programming (aka the narratives you created from absorbing ALL of the information around you at a very young age) can show up in the amount of money - or lack of money - that you are making. And until you uncover these beliefs and get to the bottom of it, it can very much hold you back, no matter how hard you work on your business. If this sounds like something you are experiencing, then this week's episode with special guest Alejandra Rojas will take everything you know about reaching your goals and flip it on its head.

Alejandra Rojas is a Finance Professional, Coach, and Money Mindset Expert helping new entrepreneurs to become the most profitable version of themselves using her highly effective R.I.CH and M.E.S.S. methods. After reaching rock bottom, when money burnout re-activated an old life-threatening sickness again, she knew she had to design methods to attract money without losing her life. Ever since, Alejandra and her clients are crushing goal after goal, in life, and in business – from traveling, and dream weddings to more income! Alejandra is always on the move, soaking in the beauties of the world. She shares tons of golden nuggets on her podcast – "Dear Lack, Let's Break Up". You can find her work in Yahoo Finance, GoBanking Rate, Clever girl finance Podcast and others.


  • How your views on money - and the reasons WHY you want to reach your goals - might actually be holding you back from making anywhere near the amount that you want
  • How to uncover the subconscious beliefs that might be preventing you from reaching your truest potential
  • Why it's so important to believe that you ARE capable of reaching your dreams, so you do what's required and see the results

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